PeTA and the Making of a Conflict Industrialist
Gary Yourofsky Finally Lands a "Job"

GARY YOUROFSKY, who made his questionable contribution to society as founder of Animals Deserve Adequate Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPPT), is now officially on the payroll of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) and is available at garyy@peta.org

Since 1996, the Michigan-based ADAPPT has provided this angry young man with a platform for hurling vitriol at the hordes of what he saw as "animal murderers" which included everyone except stalwart vegans. He also built himself a criminal record for his part in a May 1997 raid by the Animal Liberation Front on a Canadian mink farm. But six months in prison did not quell his passion, and he was unable to pay restitution to the farm as ordered by the court because he couldn't afford it.(1)

Then came an announcement by Yourofsky this March that his crusade had caused his "financial ruin", and that the animals would have to fend for themselves while he went in search of a real job. Amazingly, someone offered him one.

On May 28, he announced to the world that PeTA boss Ingrid Newkirk, no less, had come to his rescue, and despite all the nasty things he had said about PeTA in the past, he'd accepted their money before (at least $10,000 in 2000) and was ready to be saved again. An offer from Newkirk was "like getting a call from the Godfather's Don Corleone," wrote Yourofsky. "It's an offer one can't refuse." (See full text)

And what job could he possibly be suited for? The position? "PETA National Lecturer" with a goal to have "..DAILY lectures set up in schools across the U.S" to spread the Newkirk / Yourofsky vision of "humane education".

Alert parents should be warning schools against accepting a man whose messages include the following:

  • On animal rights activism: "It's not about loving animals. It's about fighting injustice. My whole goal is for humans to have as little contact as possible with animals."(2)
  • On the courage (or maybe it's the patience!) of animal owners/stewards: "If there's one thing I've learned in six years of intense activism, it's that all hunters, vivisectionists, circus trainers, furriers, trappers, rodeo cowboys and factory farmers are cowards who never fight those who fight back."(3)
  • On feral animal control workers and volunteers: They "are sick, sadistic power-mongers who enjoy murdering animals in gas chambers."(4)
  • On livestock producers: These "murdering scum should be put on trial for depraved, nefarious and inhuman acts of terrorism against the animal kingdom."(5)
  • On medical research using animals: This is done not to contribute to the health of humans and other animals but to "satisfy the macabre and depraved minds" of the researchers.(6)
  • On animal activism: "Do not be afraid to condone arsons at places of animal torture." And if an "animal abuser" should die as the result of a research lab arson, "I would unequivocally support that, too."(7)

Yourofsky even attacked the Oscar Mayer jingle "I Love Hot Dogs" because it "lures kids into promoting cruelty to pigs,"(8) and accused the Red Cross of "terrorism" against animals following the 9/11 attacks on America.

Are these and other ideas all part of the twisted inhumane "humane education" pushed by animal extremists?

Fighting Injustice

But Yourofsky's lucky break could yet backfire for him - and for PeTA.

No sooner had Yourofsky begun crowing about his new job than a certain Pat Dodson, prosecuted along with Yourofsky for the 1997 mink farm raid, showed that there was no love lost between old partners in crime.

"If there are any lurkers or regulars that have connections with the fur industry council - please let them know about this," wrote Dodson on an Internet bulletin board. "Yourofsky has a civil judgment AGAINST him from the owner of the fur farm he raided for approximately $75,000. If they know he is working, they can garinshee [sic] his wages and start collecting on that judgment. The Fur Council should be able to locate the owner of the fur farm in Canada and let him know where Yourofsky is working at. ... Ahhhh that's what happens when you never have a paying job and let someone take a judgment against you thinking they will never get anything. Now it's time to pay the piper. ... Imagine - $$$ from PETA going to a fur farmer. What a story!!"(9)

What a story indeed, and thanks for the idea, Pat. After all, to quote Yourofsky himself, "It's not about loving animals. It's about fighting injustice."

Well, then, let justice be served - cold, with a topping of anchovies.

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An "Humane Educator" Speaks ...


from Gary Yourofsky
May 28, 2002

Friends, enemies, and supporters, lend me your ears.

The founder of the world's most recognizable animal rights organization has decided to keep me heavily involved in the struggle for animal liberation.

The day after my resignation letter was sent out a couple of months ago, I received a phone call from Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's founder and president. Ingrid called after Bruce Friedrich, PETA's Director of Vegan Outreach, informed her of my situation. As most of you recall, after six years of volunteering for ADAPTT, I resigned as ADAPTT's president due to financial ruin.

Ingrid's message was touching and emotional, to say the least. Frankly, I was blown away that Ingrid would call me with concern because I could no longer continue my activism. Getting a call and/or a request from Ingrid is like getting a call from the Godfather's Don Corleone. It's an offer one can't refuse.

In a nutshell, Ingrid and PETA wanted to know what they could do to keep me involved. We've been in negotiations ever since. Then, on Monday, May 20, PETA made me its official, national lecturer. This union will benefit the animals immensely. Words cannot describe the joy that I am experiencing over this alliance.

After watching my 68-minute presentation, PETA, like many others in this movement, believed that my vegan/animal liberation lecture was damn persuasive! So, our goal now is to have DAILY lectures set up in schools across the U.S. when the fall semester begins next September. Several people will be helping me achieve this goal. Plus, at the end of June, an oration will be recorded at a Michigan college and placed on VHS, DVD, and CD (audio). These items will be featured in PETA's next issue of Animal Times which will be available in the PETA catalogue. This will help us reach many educators across the country.

As always, if you know anyone who is a teacher/professor, please ask them to bring me in as a guest lecturer. Traveling will no longer be a problem. We just have to coordinate and get as many lectures as possible scheduled in every region.

By the way, those closest to me know that I have been growing wiser as each year of activism passes. I used to be flat-out vituperative when it came to PETA and other groups who didn't do things my way. But last year I started to realize that my acrimony was wrong and wasteful. I pondered the reasons why I was such an effective activist who was admired by many. Why were teachers constantly inviting me into their classrooms? Why were students going vegan instantly after hearing my speech? Why were TV stations accepting graphic TV advertisements that I produced? Why did media outlets constantly give me positive coverage? Why did people follow me?

Since one is never too old for an epiphany, another one took place in my life. I realized that people supported me because I was an uncompromising,
in-your-face, articulate activist who condemned all kinds of animal abuse and who was willing to go to any length to achieve animal liberation, including jail (and even death). Truthfully, I never made a bit of difference condemning my fellow activists.

Moreover, after spending a week here at PETA's HQ in Norfolk, Virginia, I now see that PETA people work damn hard for the animals. There are 100 Yourofskys working in this building, each activist doing what they do best. Every activist should be required to meet our PETA brethren face-to-face and attend a monthly staff meeting to see all the hard work and achievements. While I may have had tactical differences with PETA, I have had tactical differences with EVERY group and EVERY activist involved in animal liberation, even the ALF!!!! Heck, I don't even agree with myself sometimes!

So, it is time to truly unite and make a world of difference for every enslaved animal on this planet. With PETA's assistance, my goal of educating students in classrooms all across the US is feasible.

For any of you out there who feel that I've sold out or something like that -- let me paraphrase Paul Watson by saying what makes you think I care what you have to say? Creating an image for one's self is NOT more important than fighting for animal freedom. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "I work for the animals and the animals alone." And, thanks to largest animal rights organization in the world and its founder Ingrid Newkirk, I can now continue my work!

Goddess/God Bless PETA and ALL of my fellow activists.

Gary Yourofsky
PETA National Lecturer
757-622-7382 -- Ext 1580

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